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This is the page from which you can send Emails directly to me, (Stonee). I have several subjects listed and please dont change them, unless you dont want your email to reach me because it got automatically deleted. My mail is configured to only accept emails with these subjects.. all others will be deleted as SPAM before they reach my mailbox, so again I add, dont change the subjects in the subject box. I will try to answer all emails that require responses, but realize that I am not home very often so be patient in waiting for your replies from me. Now I would like to address some questions that you might have to save both me and you time. Some of you may find your answers listed just below.
First, if you have a web site and you would like to place a link on it to my site.. thats ok with me, just let me know that you have.
Second, if you would like to use any of the content on my site, please dont as it is copyrighted.
Third, if you see art work on my site that you would like to use, well very little is mine and the rest belongs to the artist, so contact them not me. I got it either that way myself or I own the piece and is hanging on my wall at home. Either way I cant give premisson for art to be used, that has to come from the artist themsleves.
Fourth, Im not a historian, scholar, or a expert in tribal cultures, but I will try to answer the questions I can or direct you to someone that can.
Fifth, If you emailing me about links on my links page, please dont. As people so often feel they need to post a personal webpage up, usually with good content and intent, they often dont stay up for long or change addresses often, or one of many other reasons disappear off the net and then the link no longer works. I use to try to keep up with every link but I no longer even try. I keep the page there so maybe someone can still use the links that are still active, but I no longer update it, so dont email me about broken links or links you would like me to add.
Ok.. now with all that said here are the buttons with the subjects listed. click on the subject that fits and mail me.
The Weblodge Button is for general questions and comments
The Poem button it to submit a poem to me for posting.
The Quotes button is to submit Quotes from Native Americans Elders to be posted
The Goldie button is for sending comments about Goldie's rehab