O'siyo friends, welcome to my lodge, here you will read lore, legends, teachings, quotes and links to other Native American Indian sites. Allow me first to say that I am neither a Tribal Elder or a Teacher, just a seeker who shares with others on the wonderful web. Each month I post a new piece of Native lore with new art by a featured artist. I hope from this website you will learn something of our Native Hearts and our beliefs.

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Lore From 1998

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Other Pages of Interest

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FOR 1998

Januarys Lore: The Origin og Our Tribal Flower, The Trailing Arbutus
Febuarys Lore: A Bashful Courtship
Marchs Lore: The Bear and Rabbit hunt Buffalo
Aprils Lore:The Rabbit and the Bear with the Flint Body
Mays Lore: Bear's Lodge
Junes Lore:The Bound Children
Julys Lore: The Sign Of Corn
August Lore: The Raccoon and the Crawfish
Septembers Lore: Hunter and the Dakwa
Octobers Lore: The Little Mice
Novembers Lore: What the Stars are Like
Decembers Lore: The Resuscitation of the Only Daughter

Monthly Lore For 1997

December ++ The Deluge (Cherokee)

November ++ How The Rabbit Stole The Otter's Coat (Cherokee)

October ++ The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting (Cherokee)

September ++ What The Stars Are Like (Cherokee)

August ++ The Moon And The Thunders (Cherokee)

July ++ The Journey To The Sunrise (Cherokee)

June ++ How They Brought Back The Tobacco + a second version (Cherokee)

May ++ The Origin Of The Pleiades And The Pine (Cherokee)

April ++ A NEW BOW FOR TANI (Cherokee)


Febuary ++ Kanati the Hunter and the Cave of Animals (Cherokee)

January ++ BEAR'S RACE WITH TURTLE (Seneca)

Lore Index for over 150 Lores

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