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"Cherokee Seal" a paper cast by John Guthrie

O`siyo Friends, heres some of the native links where I go to learn more about my heritige and the heritige of other Nations. Im part Ani Yunwiya,(Cherokee), so its with them that i'll start my list of Links to the Nations. I truely hope that these links are a help to you in your journey as they've been for me. With them Ive learned more about my ancestors and Ive even learned how to get my computer to translate Cherokee with some of these links. Enjoy them and if you have something Native to share with me and its not listed here, Email me at my address listed at the bottom of this page. Also if you havent seen my other pages, they are linked just below here. Thanks and enjoy

These are all my links for now, I claim no responsibility for the content or connectability, all links are not being check any longer by me, so if you find a link doesnt work any longer dont email me about as I no longer update this page at all. I hope that these links are helpful in your endevers to learn more about Native Americans and broaden your understanding of them. Thank you for surfing my web sites

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