My Beautiful Pipe

Today I will tell you of and wonderful surprize that I was given.
Not to long ago when I started my Website I was using art from Southwestren Magazine and other places where I could find Art that I liked. In my search for art I found a site on the Web that had a lot of Native American Art on it and contacted the WebMaster for that site to see if I could post some art from his site on mine.

The "WebMaster", John Kostura told me that would be fine and that he appreciated my disire to post art from his site, ArtNatAm, on mine. This turned out to be the begining of a friendship that I didnt expect. As time rolled on John and I exchanged our thoughts with each other and tho we have never met in flesh, our spirits have walked together. I have learned much from John thru these thoughts we have shared and hope to learn more and to grow more into the Spirit we all can be.

The other day when I returned from town I found a package on my door from John. He had told me he was sending me something in a earlier E-mail, and I foolishly thought it would be art from a Artist at his site. Was I never more wrong, he had sent me a Beautiful Pipe!!! As I held this Pipe in my hands I felt great pride in knowing that I was being honored in a way I never expected. With the Pipe John wrote a note telling me about this wonderful gift he had sent me, which I will now share with you:

Dear Ed,
The enclosed is something that belongs to you.
The Bowl is made of red clay from Oklahoma.
The stem is Dogwood used by Indians to make arrows.
The bark was removed by beavers, who store the Dogwood in their den's to eat during the winter.
The polish on the stem is by sand and water on the beach of a lake.
The hair is from a white horse (this animal can trade its life).
The feathers are from a Red Tail Hawk, one from each wing.
The tobacco is mixed with Sacred Sage from a Power Source in Oklahoma.
Jan made the Medicine Bag for me, but it works well with the pipe and is my gift to you.
Black Elk has a book that contains the Pipe Ceremony as well as six other ceremonies.
Your Friend,

As I read the Pipe Ceremony that night while holding the Pipe I felt a Spirit enter me and felt a Power that made me realize the Power in this gift John has given me. I will hold this Pipe close to my Heart and with it do Honor to the Great Spirit and John in my prayers. Below you will find the Pipe Ceremony as told by Black Elk in the book, "Black Elk Speaks"

"Now I light the pipe, and after I have offered it to the powers that are one Power, and sent forth a voice to them, we shall smoke together. Offering the mouthpiece first of all to the One above, so, I send a voice:

Hey hey! hey hey! hey hey! hey hey!

Grandfather, Great Spirit, you have been always, and before you no one has been. There is no other one to pray to but you. you yourself, everything that you see, everything has been made by you. The star nations all over the universe you have finished. The four quarters of the earth you have finished. The day, and in that day, everything you have finished. Grandfather, Great Spirit, lean close to the earth that you may hear the voice I send. You towards where the sun goes down, behold me; Thunder beings, behold me! you where the White Giant lives in power, behold me! You where the sun shines continually, whence come the day-break star and the day, behold me!
You where the summer lives, behold me! you in the depths of the heavens, an eagle of power, behold! And you, Mother Earth, the only Mother, you who have shown mercy to your children!
Hear me, four quarters of the world, a relative I am! Give me the strengh to walk the soft earth, a relative to all that is! Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand, that I may be like you. With your power only can I face the winds.

Great Spirit, Great Spirit, my Grandfather, all over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. With tenderness have these come up out of the ground. Look upon these faces of children with out number and with children in their arms, that they may face the winds and walk the good road to the day of quiet.
This is my prayer; hear me! The voice I have sent is weak, yet with earnestness I have sent it. Hear me!
It is finished. Hetchetu aloh!
Now, my friend, let us smoke together so that there may only be good between us.

I now no longer call John just friend, I call him Brother, for in Spirit we are brothers. This is the story of how I recived my wonderful Pipe.

All the art you have seen on this page is from John's Native American Artist Website, if you would like to see more of the art at his online Gallery click here

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